About me

The Netherlands1

I recently finished my Ph.D. in Economics and Politics at Claremont Graduate University. My research fields are in development economics and political economy in Africa and in Latin America.  My main interests lie in the intersection between development economics, political economy, and public finance. 


I hold a M.S. in economics and I obtained my M.A. in international studies from the University of Montreal. I have participated as an external consultant to the World Bank, IRC, the Wilson Center, and to the Inter-American Foundation.

My research covers a broad range of topics related to development. I have experience with quantitative and qualitative research and I find particularly interesting the use of interdisciplinary methods that facilitate the comprehension of phenomena in environments where data is scarce.

For my dissertation, I focused on the interaction between state capacity and economic development, with emphasis on the DRC and Mexico. My main interest was to see how institutional processes can shape the formation of state capacity and how could this lead to economic development.