About me

The Netherlands1

I am a Ph.D candidate in Economics and Politics at Claremont Graduate University. My research fields are in development economics and political economy. I look at the intersection between politics and economics in developing countries, particularly in Latin America and Africa.

I hold a M.S. in economics and I obtained my M.A. in international studies from the University of Montreal. I have participated as an external consultant to the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., and to the Inter-American Foundation.

My research covers a broad range of topics related to development. I have experience with quantitative and qualitative research on the interaction between state capacity and development in Mexico.

I currently participate as a graduate researcher for the ODI/SLRC project in the DRC to look at the political and economic effects of decentralization and découpage in the country.

I am collaborating on a World Bank project  in rural electrification via off-grid green energy (solar panels) in Argentina.

I work as research assistant at the Inequality Lab of Claremont Graduate University led by Dr. Melissa Rogers (Link: Inequality Lab Group Page)