Ongoing Research

Decentralization and Découpage in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Two-year grant from ODI/ SLRC in the U.K. that started in 2017 and that is led by Dr. Pierre Englebert (Link Dr. Englebert Website). This research project looks that at the effects that a shock, such as découpage, has on the development of state capacity and the improvement of livelihoods in the DRC.

Rural Electrification in Argentina

Large randomized field experiment evaluating a World Bank project in rural electrification via off-grid green energy (solar panels) in Argentina. Two main areas of research: 1) Measure of the internal and external drivers of aspirations and hope of the rural poor; 2) Assess the welfare increase of electricity access in rural areas of the developing world. (Dr. Jeffrey Flory and Dr. Arndt Reichert).

Inequality Lab (Access)

  • Lack of will vs. Lack of State Capacity in the United States: Longitudinal analysis from the end of the nineteenth century 2010 that measures state capacity using census data and looks to explain long-term inter-regional inequality by looking at the differences of state capacity.
  • Timeseries crosssectional Analysis of Income Inequality in Latin America: Using GIS and a measure of state capacity using census data, this project looks at the causes for poor redistribution among regions in Latin America.


  • A. Bezares, Yi Feng, Z. Gao (2016), ”A Comparative Study of U.S. and China’s Trade in Latin America”, The Quarterly of Latin American Economy and Trade , Vol. 27, pp.4-18.

Working Papers

  • “NAFTA’s Opportunities: Economic Openness, Political Competition, and the Development of Bureaucratic Capacity in Mexico’s States”; (with Melissa Rogers); 2016.
  • “Volatility in Commodity Prices and its Effects on Poverty and Inequality in Latin America,”; presented in the International Seminar Challenges to the State: New Political and Economic Actors in Latin America , Santiago, Chile, Mar 2015.

Policy Briefings