I have experience teaching economics and politics courses.

In economics, I’ve been instructor of the Introduction to Macroeconomics course at UC San Bernardino and at Whittier College. I also have participated as teaching assistant of the Time Series Econometrics course since 2015, first with Dr. Yelena Tuzova and since 2016, with Dr. Pierangelo De Pace (Pomona College). Since 2016, I have been teaching assistant of the “Probability and Statistics for Economists” course with Dr. DePace.

Since 2016, I have assisted Dr. Graham Bird (CGU, University of Surrey) to teach the course “Global, Money and Finance” and “International Finance and Economic Development”, a course that focuses on economic issues that mostly affect developing countries.

In politics, I have been the instructor of  the “Introduction to Comparative Politics” at Pomona College during the Spring semester 2017 and at Occidental College during the Fall 2017.  In the Fall 2017, I will be teaching Math for Political Scientists at CGU.

Teaching Evaluations Spring 2018:

Teaching Evaluations CSUSB Winter 2018

Teaching Evaluation Spring 2018_TimeSeries

Teaching Evaluation Spring 2018_MacroDevelopment

Teaching Evaluations Fall 2017: